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Asset Management

We feel that a sound investment strategy is tied to a sound financial plan. Your investments should work for you so that you can pursue your goals. Our key philosophy for managing investments is:

Goals Based Investing

Knowing your goals and time line for achieving them is a necessary step in determining how much you need to be saving and investing and what the appropriate investment strategy should be. Shorter-term goals may be met with lower-risk investments, while longer-term goals can appropriately be met with longer-term investment strategies.


We believe that mutual funds and exchange traded funds are the best way for the average investor to have diversification in their portfolio. We do not solicit the trading of individual stocks for most of our clients. 


We have several portfolio models we use for our clients. We will review the model most suited for your goals and risk tolerance.

Customized Solutions

Our relationship with Cetera Advisor Networks LLC gives us access to many options for specialized asset management. If you need more customized solutions, we have a wide selection of options available to work toward your needs.