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Life Transition Planning

No one likes change. Transitions create confusion, fear, and indecision. We offer life transition planning services in many areas, including loss of spouse or significant other, divorce, job loss or change, inheritance, and end-of-life planning.

Loss of Spouse or Significant Other

Losing a spouse or partner is a stressful event. Yet, during this time, you must complete a variety of tasks and make important financial decisions. When meeting with us, we will bring clarity to the following questions:

  • What happens with Social Security?
  • What do I do for health insurance?
  • Do I need to get a job (or different job)?
  • Am I entitled to part of my spouse’s pension?
  • What do I do with my spouse’s retirement plans?
  • How will I take care of my family without my partner?


Divorce can be a difficult and demanding transition. At a time when you may be feeling most vulnerable, you are faced with making financial decisions that can have significant impact on your future. When meeting with us, we can help you figure out the following:

  • Can I afford to keep my house?
  • How will our assets be divided?
  • Can I continue my current lifestyle?
  • Will I have enough to live on after the divorce?
  • What about spousal and child support payments?
  • What happens to my health and other insurance coverage?

Job Loss and Career Changes

Losing or changing a job can feel like a roller coaster. You may be anxious or you may be excited. In either case, you may be unsure of the financial implications resulting from this transition. When meeting with us, we can help you answer some of the following questions:

  • What about my lost benefits?
  • Should I find another job, or consider retirement?
  • What do I do with my 401(k) or other retirement plan?
  • What happens if I need to tap into my retirement savings early?
  • How can I provide health, life and other insurances for my family and myself?


Receiving an inheritance, life insurance proceeds or other windfall can be quite overwhelming. When meeting with us, we can help you make prudent financial decisions regarding the following questions: 

  • Will there be taxes due?
  • How can I protect my inheritance?
  • What should I do with my inheritance?
  • Should I spend, save, pay off debt or invest?
  • Should I continue working or consider retirement?

End of Life

At some point in our lives, we are all faced with this sad reality. Someone you love, be it a spouse, a parent, or a partner, will not be with you much longer. The last thing you want to worry about and spend time doing is organizing financial affairs. However, sorting through this key area can relieve much stress for all involved. When meeting with us we can determine the following:

  • Are the accounts titled properly to stay out of probate?
  • Are the current beneficiaries the correct beneficiaries?
  • Is the home titled in a manner that will allow for seamless transition?
  • Are there sufficient liquid assets to pay for funeral costs or other living needs?
  • What will be the status of current pension and social security income after death?
  • Are there current Power of Attorney and Power of Healthcare documents in place?